« With the Creative Non-Directive Approach (CNDA®), I genuinely wish to accompany you on your journey to wellness, no matter where you start or where you go. »

The Creative Non-Directive Approach (CNDA®)

Developed by Dr. Colette Portelance, this approach is a part of the humanist school of thought, highlighting the importance of listening, the caregiver-care receiver dialectic, and non-directiveness.


The CDNA’s® objective is to discover the inner self, by listening to it,  by welcoming it, accept it . I offer support through regular meetings to  accompany you in your process.


In this therapeutic approach, I accompany you to improve your behavior and your ability to deal with life’s challenges.


By our code of ethics and deontology, I will warmly welcome you, without judgment and in complete confidentiality, and accompany you through your therapeutic journey.

All the Required Experience, for Your Needs

I have achieved the following:

→ Graduate of Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM) in Relationship Therapy (TRA®)

→ Certificate in Professional Regulation

→ Bereavement Support Certificate (CNDA®)

→ Bachelor of Science (Nursing)

*** Our approach does not constitute psychotherapy, and is part of the non reserve act.

I also am a:

→ Psychopedagogy Assistant at CRAM

→ Member of the Regroupement of Intervenants and Therapists in Alternative and Complementary Medicine (RITMA)

→ Member of the Association des Thérapeutes en Relation d’Aide, Accompagnement du Deuil (ATRAAD)

→ Member of the Corporation des thérapeutes en relation d’aide (CITRAC)

→ Member of Carte Blanche TRA

→ Member of Estrie TRA

Today, commit to prioritizing yourself.

Choose to invest in yourself and march headstrong towards your happiness!